Reader’s Success Stories: Top 5 Astrology Answers Reviews From This Week!

Have you been having a tough time wrapping your head around the fact that summer is over, and Fall has begun? Does the fact that September is almost over even freak you out, just a little bit? Hey, it happens to us all. Why is time flying so fast? And when will it slow down enough so we can get all of our goals accomplished?! Sound familiar? If you are freaking out a bit, then know that all you need to do is seek answers from astrology to ease your mind just a bit. And we have those astrology answers for you! Our dynamic team is answering questions every single day, and you can see from the Astrology Answers reviews yourself just how awesome those answers are. Every single day we get more and more Astrology Answers reviews from people just like you, with questions just like yours! So instead of staying awake at night wondering what those answers are, give us a call, or drop us a line. We would love to answer those burning questions of yours and add your Astrology Answers review to the list next!

“I am amazed at how well you read me. I am going to learn to stop planning and start doing. However, I will keep a diary. I will communicate my wishes with the Universe. Spend more time with family and friends, I spend too much time alone unless at work. Be more daring spontaneously, I used to be. Eat out occassionally, phone someone to join me, rather than wait to be invited, usually by a relative. Week-end away occassionally. Encourage my younger son who is dyslectic to start a business of his own. Perhaps become involved in helping others, human or animal. Since receiving your reading, I am feeling in high spirits, and have already done something daring that I was previously just thinking about! Don’t have a photo right now but will consider it. Thank you again Katherine.” ~ Marlene R., Capricorn

“Katherine’s predictions were described precisely of how things are with me at this time of my life. I was astounded she could tell me things I know about myself both sides. I look forward to a future following Katherine’s advice & using my gifts & my awareness to my advantage. Using my Transit Period Guide I look forward to a brighter future I deserve. I notice that I feel confident with my awareness. I will be more open-minded & trust my instincts & intuitions more. I will keep in my mind to have a balanced outlook & attitude instead of being too rigid in my approaches. Thanks Katherine” ~ Eunice J., Virgo

“The reading was very specific I think, and very in tune with what is going on in my life right now. I found it very helpful and motivating. It is just what I need to make the changes I’ve always wanted” ~ Zulema T., Cancer

“It’s accuracy was actually surprising. It is not that I am not a believer, because I most certainly am. I have always felt something in me, but honestly I was brought up that believing in anything other than God is bad. Silly I know, but my past is a BIG issue in my life. I know, I have got to let it go. So hard. I do not know what I am looking forward to in my future. My hope is to find direction. I have been chasing my own tail for so long.” ~ Tawania S., Cancer

“Well Katherine for starters, i have been gob smacked by your very precice and accurate insite into my present state of mind EG, physical, mental, financeual& romantic life. (wich is non existant at the moment). I look forward to more giudence from you. Love Norm” ~ Norman G., Aries

“I do very much appreciate the way Katherine transmits her astrological knowlege, some of which I`m familiar with, the Transit information will help me be more alert and attentive, Thank you. Actually I feel like being in touch with a friend, the way Katherine speaks to me, what I`m looking for is a peaceful, meaningfull life where I can use my capacity to the best, for some time already I count on Gods` guidance more than anything else! – I noticed that you, Katherine used “”divine”" in your text, it`s probably there that we connect. Greetings from Tom !” ~ Thomas W., Sagittarius

Reader’s Success Stories: Top 5 Astrology Answers Reviews From This Week!

Are you ready for Fall and the season change? Or are you dreading it like a lot of people I know? A lot of people get depressed very quickly when it comes to Fall, and only part of the reason has to do with daily sunlight. We start to see our Astrology Answers reviews really begin to pick up around this time of year, because this is when people get more stressed about what lies ahead. They begin thinking, I haven’t done all I wanted to this year, oh no what’s going to happen! Or, the holidays are looming and money and time constraints begin to put on a crunch, not to mention relationship constraints. Sound familiar? Maybe you just need a little help for your questions with Astrology Answers. We can give you the astrological answer you need to replace that stressful energy with positive and exciting energy! We do it all the time, and get new Astrology Answers reviews every day as a result. Don’t believe us? Check out these Astrology Answers reviews and see for yourself. What questions are burning inside you as this year begins to get closer to its finale? Let us know, we have Astrology Answers! Who knows, maybe your Astrology Answers review will be next! We’d love to see it!

“I really fell positive full of energy look forward to my live to be changed I ask you for help every day you give me strengh confidence I feel your with me sometimes scary Thank you Katherine” ~ Lindy S., Libra

“Katherine has hit the nail on the head all of the things I couldn’t clearly see to what was hindering me in my life and to this very day I still find this information empowering and precious to me. She also showed me steps and goals which she also dug deep into my strengths to clarify what is needed of me to spur forward! Caring, awe-inspiring and direct with her approaches as well as clear and concise to her readings. She really knows how put all the puzzle pieces together! So GRATEFUL :)” ~ Michelle D., Capricorn

“Thank you Katherine for such a complete and forward looking reading. I found it to be very enlightening with good depth and full details to make it easy to put into actions. These I will be following and am looking forward to the coming times as they will be an advancement in my life.” David Watts

“I have been reading and reading It’s like I am starving and the more I read the fuller I get, It’s like I am having a Feast of so meany wonderful new things it is hard for me to say just what one is best Because right now it all taste so Good.I am starting to see who I really am the true me Mark. “Wow”" ~ Mark S., Gemini

“It has made me aware of why I feel and act how I do at times and to stand back and take a good look at what I’ve said and how I’ve said it,how I’ve acted and why, and to let others be just as important as myself.” ~ Harper R., Leo

Reader’s Success Stories: Top 5 Astrology Answers Reviews From This Week!

Are you ready for Fall? For the upcoming holidays that will be here before you know it? Does it feel like time is just flying, and it seems like just yesterday you were on your Summer vacation? This time of year can be a bit of a downer for some, that might be why they call it “Fall”, because that’s exactly what our spirits do sometimes, isn’t it? If you are feeling a little down about the season change, or down about the stressful holiday and winter season ahead, consider getting an insiders peek at what lies ahead for the next few months of your life with us here at Astrology Answers. We get Astrology Answers reviews every single day from people just like you, looking to get that bird’s eye view at what the future has in store. Whether you are looking for a new love, a new job, or just a new look on life, we can help guide you in the right direction. Every day we get new Astrology Answers reviews that just confirms everything that we are doing is spot on. Do you need that gentle nudge, or that bird’s eye view into what lies ahead? Give us a shout, and we will head you in the right direction. Who knows, maybe your Astrology Answers review will be next!

“It gives me a day by day forcast to let me know what to expect to happen that day whether it be a good or bad day!!!! I like the way she explain the plants in detail to me so I finally understand what they mean to my sign & how the interact together. then finally I like how she explain in detail the different signs & what each one means & how they interact with each other I never knew so much about the signs how they work or interact with each other until she sent me my transit guide!!!! Thank you so very much Katherine it was money worth spent Thank you!!!!” ~ Tarra O., Gemini

“I followed my inner voice, went against the grain and purchased my transit period guide. I constantly listened to this other voice telling me I was crazy for doing so and started to regret my decision. Thankfully, I received my transit period guide yesterday and was blown away by Katherine’s guidance. I read my guide for the first time at the end of the day. I was amazed that Katherine picked up key things that happened earlier in the day. This was confirmation that I did the right thing by taking a leap of faith and getting my guide. I am looking forward to using my guide during my Transit Period and encourage others to do the same. If there is a little voice inside that says you are crazy, do listen to it and follow your gut that guided you to Katherine in the first place. You will not regret it.” ~ Wanda S., Cancer

“I was skeptical at first of receiving an astrological reading on line, questioning it’s accuracy and ability to be personal. As I read on and came to the symbols, a tear came to my eye, as though you knew me somehow. As the reading progressed I found it to be quite accurate in many ways. Much of the reading hit home in a deep way. Now it’s up to me, and I understand this more clearly and look forward to this guidance.” ~ Julia G., Scorpio

“I have only just begun using my Transit Period Guide, but it has been extremely accurate to the situations and circumstances I have found myself in on the first week. Not only external influences but my own inner feelings and expressions towards those events. I did have a birth chart reading over a decade ago and I didn’t take much notice of it at first(it didn’t mean much to me at the time), but many years later I listened to it again and I couldn’t believe how accurate it was in relevance to my current situation. Since then I have always been a strong believer in Astrology. The information you that you have given me has completely exceeded my expectations.” ~ Damien K., Sagittarius

Reader’s Success Stories: Top 5 Astrology Answers Reviews From This Week!

Have you been feeling a little bit down in the dumps since Summer ended? We all go through it, I do too. Did you know that is actually a scientific phenomenon, and that it is caused by the fact that we receive less, and less Vitamin D, the happy pill, in our lives every single day. It doesn’t just feel depressing, it’s chemically depressing as well! That’s why this time of year is when we really start to see the Astrology Answers reviews really pouring in. If Summer is over, that means it’s back to the grind and the next chapter, or season, in our life. The holidays are looming, and people are starting to get really stressed out! There’s no need!  The uncertainty about all of it is what causes the most stress and depression right now, and that’s exactly where we come in! We take that uncertainty out for you, and we have the Astrology Answers reviews to show for it! If you are looking for a detailed nudge in the right direction, check out these Astrology Answers reviews and make the decision for yourself.  It may be called Fall, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rise above the mood and create the abundance that you know is just around the corner!


“As i began reading, i realized i wanted to thank you Katherine, for taking time to outline a detailed reading of what you visualized. I look forward to my future filled with my dreams as my reality. Filled with love and money surrounded by my loved ones. I feel a sense of acceptance to the future i visualized for my life and the path life, the universe, and I chose. Thank you Katherine! Sincerely, Sheila Aninipok”  ~ Sheila A., Aquarius

“This reading was so accurate. It was exactly what I was feeling and who I was. It felt as if God was talking to me and answering my prayers.” ~ Gail R., Cancer

“My life-long dream has been to be a published author. I have sold a few poems and one article, but feel I should have done so much more in the span of my lifetime. Now time is running out for me but I can’t let go of the dream. I’m very thankful for good health and the encouragement I found in this guide to follow my dream and not give up. I think this will provide the motivation I have been lacking.”  ~ Adonna G., Capricorn

“I can already feel the truth of your reading Katherine. I have been fighting and at war with myself in many areas. As you said I am in a transition period. I have begun to experience the tiredness and the restlessness. And almost always feel like I need to be in control. I will be utilizing and will be using your advice as, like I stated, I have felt the truth behind it. To be forwarned is to be the key to my situation. Once I have information and learn what’s going on, I am more comfortable doing my part and more. Thank you for the reading. Blessings be – Nancie”  ~ Nancie B., Leo

“wow! is this reading a eye opener! all my life i was to scared to try anything unusual. what if it didnt work out! there was always someone ready to say I told you so!!!soi just left everything that came my way and let it pass. but things is going to change from today!! thanxKatherine for helping me to be that person i want to be. alli want to be is to be happy, loved and appreciated!!”  ~  Esme P., Aries

Reader’s Success Stories: Top 5 Astrology Answers Reviews From Capricorn!

Are you a Capricorn? Or do you know someone who is? Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth Sign that is often considered the most successful. They are born leaders, often CEO’s or the boss in their own work or organization, and are very driven for the next level of success in life or love, regardless of where they are at in life. That’s why we love getting Astrology Answers reviews from Capricorn. Whether they are already successful or not in life, they take the time to consider professional opinions before they move on to their next epic success. And sometimes Capricorn gets a little lost along the way, we all do, even those born to be successful. And so when they come to us for that little nudge in the next direction, we get very excited about that. That’s why we get up in the morning! To nudge everyone and every zodiac sign in the direction that they are meant to be. That’s why every Astrology Answers review gets us excited about helping create that change in someone’s life. Whether you are a Capricorn looking for that nudge in the right direction, or know someone who is, check out these 5 Astrology Answers reviews from Capricorn to see just what we mean. We’d love to add your Astrology Answers review next!

“I felt inside that it will help to solve something that was stuck inside me for a while. I asked different people for help, seems like the astrology that has been prepared by Katherine is more of a help to me. Thank you” ~ Linda, Capricorn

“I have found the guide easy to read and, I hope, easy to follow. Utilizing the guide, I changed some plans that I had made for today–the statements regarding what would likely be the outcome of those plans rang very true and I could definitely see those “bad things” happening if I pursued the original plan. I will be printing the guide to use and follow regularly.” ~ Susan, Capricorn

“After reading the guide I feel like I should be more positive about my perception in various facets of my life. I do feel like perceive things in a negative way. So yes, thank you for this reading. I read once that when you want something badly enough the entire universe conspires to give it to you! And now your reading has affirmed it. Thanks again!” ~ Marie P., Capricorn

“I feel very aware. A lot of things was true. I have to learn to be spontaneous and make quick mined decisions. I also have to deal with me being emotional detached because people cry but I don’t because at the end of the day you are in the same situation so I don’t do it I jus write about it. I write songs n play instruments but you probably knew that already :). But I want to win this because there are some questions I want to ask you that will bring me some closure.” ~ Scott H., Capricorn

“I am truly amazed by the reading i received from Katherine. She has described my nature as only a mother could describe knowing her child. I feel this is a remarkable thing to do as i am an extremely reclusive person. I am looking forward to my future now, as it is time for a complete change in all aspects of my life. Katherine has helped me realise my own strengths and potentials to do this, and i thank her for my full reading and week by week guide to keep my mind on target. Many thanks Katherine. Regards Barbara-Ann” ~ Barbara-Ann P., Capricorn


Reader’s Success Stories: Top 5 Astrology Answers Reviews From Sagittarius!

Are you a Sagittarius? Or do you know someone who is? As the Mutable Fire Sign, Sagittarius always has their hands in about 10 different projects at once, and they are often always quite successful with them! At least that is what the Astrology Answers reviews from Sagittarius are telling us. But once in a while, this mutable sign needs a little nudge in the right direction, a nod in terms of what 10 projects Sagittarius needs to focus on now, or a push towards the multiple opportunities in love and work that will do well for Sagittarius. When a Sagittarius reaches this point in their life, that’s often when we see them coming to us. This exciting fire sign is not afraid to work, and so we love showing them exactly how to make the most of that potential. Read our top 5 Astrology Answers reviews from Sagittarius this week and see it for yourself! Maybe you or your favorite Sagittarius just needs a push in the right direction as well? If so, give us a shout. Maybe your Astrology Answers review will be next!

“My transit guide is immensely helpful, as I am trying to get away from a totally controlling partner, fears of moving from my home and how I will cope finically. I will use my guide as a daily self help manual to trust and believe in what I am doing is for the better, and I can and will survive this.” ~ Dawn D., Sagittarius

“It reminded me to keep thinking positively, and that I’m heading down the right track. There are a few personal matters that I have to attend to but I could feel these already, it just helped clear up what i was already feeling. Its always nice to hear what other “”sensitive”" people have to say. Thanks, Katherine :)” ~ Caitlyn B., Sagittarius

“This reading gives me hope. A guide for me to know what to encounter and healthy reminder to, not to burn the candle at both ends which I tend to do. I feel fresh excitement of things to come, more positive mindset, upbeat. I look forward to using what you have given me to have the life I desire. Thank you.” ~ Christina P., Sagittarius

“The reading is pretty accurate and I wanted you to know that this reading was just confirmation. I’m a Numerologist, in the process of making this my career along with my life coaching and I’m a personal trainer. So this reading just confirms my path and I’m so happy to not be working for anyone and truly love the idea of helping people and making a living doing it. Still thirsting for more knowledge thank you!!!” ~ Immanuel K., Sagittarius

“WOW. It is quite amazing how someone, that you don’t know, can actually connect with your mind and soul…. I actually learnt a few things about myself. I will use the Transit Period Guide- because I know it is going to put me where I need to be. I have really had a good think – and the reading has made me realise that all is not lost and that I’m not really the bad person that I thought I could be… there are a lot of truths in this reading and now I know that I can work on my little misdemeanours and make me a better person. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART” ~ Shirley E., Sagittarius


Reader’s Success Stories: Top 4 Astrology Answers Reviews From Scorpio!

Are you a Scorpio? Or do you know someone who is? We love getting Astrology Answers reviews from Scorpio, one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac! Scorpios know a lot that we don’t know, their intuitive feelers are often always bang on, so long as they don’t let their fears get the best of them. So when we get Astrology Answers reviews from Scorpio, we always know, that must mean we are doing something right! Scorpio is the psychic of the zodiac, the detective and truth seeker who is always soooo good at ferreting out secrets. And this makes their Astrology Answers review even that more special to us, because we know their intuitive guide has led them to us for all the right reasons. If you are a Scorpio, or have a favorite Scorpio in your life, consider using our services that consistently give Scorpio all of the validation they need for the most successful life possible! These Astrology Answers reviews speak for yourself! So give us a shot! We’d love to add your Astrology Answers review for Scorpio to the list next!

“I enjoyed my transit period guide a lot it said a lot about some of the things that are transpiring in my life and it is amazing how someone has that ability to help guide your future and it also confirmed a lot of my inter most feelings and told me a lot about me.” ~ Patricia C., Scorpio

“Thank you very much Katherine for such insightful guide. While the guide relies primarily on the general characteristics of the zodiac sign, it is written with care and compassion. Being aware that my greatest fear of not ever having lived, or never having deeply considered my life’s higher purpose and not ever having stepped into that purpose, I am very intensively focusing on that now and you, not only pointed out that, but also provided valuable advice and a guide how to overcome my own obstacles blocking the path. Your words are reassuring and encouraging. I appreciate it.” ~ Mariyana T., Scorpio

“I rate this reading a 5. It was right on! And I feel this reading will be very helpful to me. I am looking to finding a job that is right for me, that I will get great satisfaction from. I am praying that my “”ex-boyfriend”" of a year will be in my life again. I feel we were meant to be together forever. This guide has shown me things I need to work on. I plan on highlighting the important factors here and re-read on a daily basis, so I can truly make my life the best it can be!” ~ Karen B., Scorpio

“I feel that the report gave me insight into my own self. What I was looking for most was around specific guidance, I found it to be generic to what someone would say to people with my star sign. The report talks about background theories which is good but not enough details on why I have entered into a transit period based on those theories and what are the specific effects of those specific theories both generally and specifically to me. Therefore I feel like asking many more questions. I need more guidance and understanding if I am indeed going through a very important phase in my life.” ~ Bharadwaj M., Scorpio

Reader’s Success Stories: Top 5 Astrology Answers Reviews From Libra!

Are you a Libra? Or do you know somebody who is? As the Cardinal Air Sign, Libra is one of the biggest thinkers, and also among the most successful of all of the zodiac signs. Libra represents balance, harmony, and success, and we see Astrology Answers reviews from Libra all of the time seeking answers from astrology on how to achieve that success. Libra likes to look at the big picture, and is very skilled at appreciating life from every angle. And they hate conflict and drama! You probably already know this if you are a Libra, and if you experience drama in your life as a Libra, you may want to consider investing in an astrology report or our astrology services to find the tool that will help you regain the balance in your life you so desperately need. You can also use our services to get the direction you need to achieve that success that Libras are so famous for! Check out our Astrology Answers reviews from Libra and see for yourself, just how detailed and specific our answers are when it comes to your most important questions. Our services “hit the nail on the head”, and so if you are looking for the right service to give you all of the answers from astrology that you need, consider ours. These Astrology Answers reviews speak for themselves, right from Libra. Who knows, maybe your Astrology Answers review will be our next Libra success story!

“I loved the Transit Period Guide, it told me so much about myself that is so true. Apart from guiding me to think deeper about the decisions i make along the way, it is teaching me to consider my own feelings first instead of putting everyone else first all the time. If i do that i can make better decisions that will help me to have a better future. I look forward to getting my bank balance in better shape, my relationship with my partner become stronger. I look forward to become a better stronger me, to have a voice. Reading my Transit Period Guide has given me the strength to take a more positive approach to life in mind and thought and to deal with whatever comes my way. Thank you Katherine xxx” ~ Joanne S., Libra

“Katherine, You are very talented and a great friend. I thought my reading was so helpful and insightful. During and after my reading I started feeling better and by placing the readings in the places in my life and tring to experience my life with my new insight I found so much that I can explain and figure out which was someting I wasn’t even close to doing when we first started emailing. Your readings are great and so helpful thanks once again. Shelia” ~ Shelia L., Libra

“Katherine, Fantastic reading and hit the nail on the head! I have always knew about my shortcomings or faults, I can truly see the light and know what I must do to succeed which is going to be a great challenge to my Transit Period. I also thank you for shedding the light for me to do the things I need to do to come out of it successful and I know I can do it and shine like the sun. Something happened not just about 5 min. after I signed up for this Transit Period reading which is fantastically Impressive. It might not blow your mind Katherine, but it would blow everybody else’s. It hasn’t been 24 hrs since I received my report and I feel like a hungry linebacker and I’m so ready to tackle(with intensity) my challenges for the life I should have been having all along! BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!!” ~ Robert B., Libra

“Wow awesome amazing info i feel that i really need to listen to what im being told and be true to myself, that way i can build a stronger foundation for myself and my family” ~ Anjela C., Libra

“I was blown away by this reading, as it very accurately diagnosed the issues of my life that I was concerned about. I want to let go of the many fears I’ve carried on my back for many years, and finally focus on myself: What I want and need as opposed to what others expect of me. I’m going to use my Transit Period Guide as a means of giving me courage, that what I’ve been doing and how I’ve been believing, has not often resulted in the life I want for myself. As I was reading about myself, I began to feel the wheels start turning and telling me to lose my fears and just take the plunge into a new way of feeling, seeing and doing things.. A fresh start, a new way of living in harmony with my TRUE self!” ~ Niki G., Libra


Reader’s Success Stories: Top 5 Astrology Answers Reviews From Virgo!

Are you a Virgo? Or do you know someone who is? We are now in the Virgo zone, as the Sun entered Virgo on August 22, and so Virgo energy is all around us. And that is exciting, because Virgo has a lot of potential this year when it comes to reaping abundance and prosperity in both their work and their romantic lives. With the Sun in Virgo right now, we have been hearing from Virgo left, right, and center in the way of Astrology Answers reviews that tell us we are on to something when it comes to Virgo. Virgo is a careful thinker, so when they make the choice to invest in a report or guide such as the ones we provide, they don’t do so on a whim. That’s what makes Astrology Answers reviews from Virgo so exciting! Whether you are considering our services as a Virgo yourself, or want to get your favorite Virgo a gift while the Sun is in their sign, check out these Astrology Answers reviews from Virgo to see for yourself just how exciting your year can be when you work with us. We’d love to add your own personal Astrology Answers review to the list for Virgo next!

“I was taken aback by this Guide so precise and accurate as to my life at this time Happiness and laughter again in my personal life and a career which I can enjoy and look forward to I will be reflecting on each week as it comes and taking the advice given to help me go through each decision, thought and emotion I have to face Feeling quite positive and now I know I am not mad that all these issues are not happing because I am terrible person, but because things had to and will change for the future. Thank You Katherine” ~ Elizabeth C., Virgo

“Your reading was totally amazing, a confirmation of what I had already thought, but it was so much more than what I had expected. It is great to get that reassurance that I am on the right track. I am still reluctant to make some big decisions but this reading has given me the confidence that I can do it and I will when I am ready. Thank you SO much!” ~ Katrien B., Virgo

“Katherine’s predictions were described precisely of how things are with me at this time of my life. I was astounded she could tell me things I know about myself both sides. I look forward to a future following Katherine’s advice & using my gifts & my awareness to my advantage. Using my Transit Period Guide I look forward to a brighter future I deserve. I notice that I feel confident with my awareness. I will be more open-minded & trust my instincts & intuitions more. I will keep in my mind to have a balanced outlook & attitude instead of being too rigid in my approaches. Thanks Katherine” ~ Eunice J., Virgo

“Was amazed how real it was right on the money how I was feeling . I will. Make changes in my life it was a wake up call. Thank you so much you answered all my questions your friend betty”~ Betty G., Virgo

It was an indepth reading of what I need to do and where it will lead me when I follow my dreams. It stated I am comfortable in my surrounding and I am but if I do not extend myself and venture out on my own away from the comforts of my home, I will be stuck here. I have looked on the internet and the television for experience in my job and what the reading stated is that I am not looking hard enough. At the moment I have been suffering with health problems that will soon change for the better, I have been having dreams of a better life, a soulmate who will love me for me. I need to put my best foot forward and venture out more and take more chances and send out resumes and see if someone will hire me and give me the experience I need in information technology/ cybertechnology. I have also dreamed of getting more experience by going back to school, but bills have set me back a little for at least a couple of months. I will send a picture at a later date.”~ Vicki K., Virgo/Leo cusp


Reader’s Success Stories: Top 5 Astrology Answers Reviews From Leo!

Are you a Leo? Or do you know someone who is? When it comes to navigating the successes in their life, this comes very easily to Leo. As the fixed fire sign, Leo is very driven, and this is one of the reasons we love working with Leo. We get Astrology Answers reviews from Leo all the time, letting us know just how successful they have been after using or reading one of our reports or guides.  As fixed fire signs, Leo already has the light of the fire under them when it comes to pursuing success. Often times, they just need a little push or a nudge in the right direction. If you feel like you need that little nudge or that little push as well, maybe our Astrology Answers reviews from Leo will help you make a decision to use one of our reports or guides as your personal navigation device. Do you feel like you just need a little clarity on your next steps? Try us out and see for yourself just where exactly that little speck of clarity or nudge in the right direction might be. We would love to read and share your Astrology Answers review next! Here are the top Astrology Answers reviews from Leo this week that will give you an idea on exactly what we are talking about.

These readings, have opened my eyes to my short-comings, and given me hope for the future. At the same time, they have left a few questions. When will money come my way? Will I always be just below, or at the poverty line? When will I find my true love? I will be following the suggestions in here, and start a journal. I cannot see how I can enter any kind of working partnership, or anything similar, as arthritis has disabled me. In a way, I\’m anxious for the challenges, as I\’ve always been one to welcome challenges! Setting my ego aside is something I have had to get used to, as having the doctors force me to stop working, has put a stopper on the dreams that I had. I feel that the reading has increased my determination to do the right thing, if nothing else. I will gladly take the back seat, if it will improve my situation, or that of somebody else.”  ~ Ranald H., Leo

“It was very interesting, and on target. The information was well balanced. It wasn’t just a vague response that could have a million meanings.”  ~ Tammy M., Leo

“It has made me aware of why I feel and act how I do at times and to stand back and take a good look at what I’ve said and how I’ve said it,how I’ve acted and why, and to let others be just as important as myself.” ~ Grant R., Leo

The Guide has helped me so much. You were right about so many things about me and I now realise I can live my life to the full. As a retired nursing sister Ihave worked hard and always put everyone before myself. I cannot change the way I am and don’t wish to but I can create a better future for myself thanks to your encouragement. I am so grateful to you Katherine.”  ~ Jacqueline C., Leo

“The reading was very interesting. It states things that I have been told before. I am looking for that incredible job and to be able to help others in many different ways. The guide will help remind me to let others shine and to not always be so dominant. I know that things have been changing some before the reading, but I also have been having a lot difficulty in accepting the fact that I have to wait and not be impatience which I have been doing or have done recently.”  ~ Sandra D., Leo

“Your June forecast was spot on with a lot of turbulence in my career due to hidden enemies plotting my downfall. Adding to my worries was unexpected health setback to my daughter’s health due to severe back pain and she is just passed her 23rd birthday! Things are getting better with hope for the future, and yes I have found a hot business opportunity and will finalize plans on July 8th.”  ~  Ananth N., Leo