Katherine at Astrology Answers Makes Astounding Predictions

Most people consult with Katherine at Astrology Answers or any of the amazing experts here for obvious reasons. Answers.  And most of the time, the questions are very simple with clear cut solutions and answers to your most common problems. But sometimes the answers aren’t as cut and dry. People that don’t spend a lot of time in the psychic realm find that concept difficult to grasp. Some people believe that every question posed to the universe has a cut and dry answer, but it doesn’t. That is our human instinct needing to know, and not the way the universal law of doing things works. So this is why we see a lot of questions like, why aren’t all psychics lottery winners? Katherine has answered that very question, and others like it, recently on the Astrology Answers blog.  That’s the perfect example of a cut and dry question that does not have a cut and dry answer, and it can be very confusing when you are trying to get a report or a reading.  Because you have some very important questions that have nothing to do with the lottery! And it’s human to want answers, that is why we are here.  One thing that is very difficult for people getting a reading or report to understand is, why is my answer not the one I was expecting?  Because Universe does not work that way.  If you were able to get the answers you were expecting on your own, Universe would have so very little to offer you, and the same goes for us. Instead, with your astrology answers you get what Universe wants you to know, and needs you to know.  And so when you do consult with Katherine or any of the amazing experts here, you have to pay attention to every small detail that you are given in your answer, because sometimes, the most obvious answers are found in the littlest of details. Some people will get a resounding yes, no, or date to answer their questions. And others will be teased a little bit by Universe with a little kernel of information here or there that helps them light the way for themselves. Does that sound familiar? Here’s one awesome Astrology Answers review where a reader was not too sure about what to think about her reading…until it all manifested. You aren’t going to believe this one!

Dear Katherine,

Just dropping you a note to say thanks! I bet you really are laughing at me now. Do you remember me? You told me I would be back, and yep, you were right again! Here I am as you predicted, but this time I am not here to confront you with my irritations over my readings. I’m here to thank you for them!  As you probably know, you were right! Again, and again, and again.

I didn’t really get it at first, but for some reason I kept buying the reports. A couple of folks in the office had been getting your reports, that’s really the only reason I looked into it. When Barry in Accounting got bumped to Barry, Head of Accounting, and then Barry, CFO, in a six month period though, I thought, what could it hurt to check you out? You were the one that made him apply for those promotions, well, the first one anyway. You told him it would open doors and unexpected opportunities. I laughed so hard at that when he showed me. Well, who is laughing now? Well, Barry isn’t laughing at me anymore, now that he knows my story. But he WAS laughing at me the day he got the first pay of his new 6 figure salary. Nice, Katherine! How do you do that?  How did you know?

It was actually Barry that told me that I wasn’t looking at your readings right. When he got that job, he took us all out for drinks and he said we could stop complaining about our dead end lives too if we wanted. I told him that was nuts, that good luck only happens to a lucky few, and it had already come to Barry’s house. I also said what you told me was irrelevant, because nothing had manifested, and knowing my luck, it probably wasn’t going to. You even told me I would be getting a promotion within, but by then it was already too late.  So I thought.  Not many companies have more than one CFO in the mix. So I wasn’t exactly holding my breath. That’s when Barry said I wasn’t understanding my readings properly. He said something about me not seeing the forest through the trees….or something.

When I got your annual forecast, work was the only thing on my mind. I didn’t care about the love, romance, sex, whatever other stuff you put in. And Barry said that is what I was overlooking. Well, that didn’t exactly change my priority list, work was still number one. But Barry said something about reading the entire report properly, instead of just skipping to the part that would answer my question. After he got his new house, he even sat down with me one night and showed me how he went through his, and how he used that information to get what he wanted. That promotion.

It was this little tiny detail in my chart that caught his eye, and yours too apparently.  He read something in my forecast that was not necessarily about romance, but definitely about my passion. We had a long talk over many beers that night contemplating the meaning of stuff like that. Passionate about what? Work to me was not something to be passionate about. It was an unfortunate part of life that I was required to succumb to if I wanted to eat every night.  But Barry had me looking at that an entirely different way. And you did too. Actually you had been all along but as it turns out I just wasn’t listening right because you weren’t giving me the astrology answers that I THOUGHT I wanted.

That night changed my life!  Barry pointed me to the idea of actually LIKING my job, and even suggested I start looking for something I would…ENJOY.  He also said you said something in my report about being creative, but working with numbers all of my life, and getting paid to do it had always been enough. Or at least, I thought it had been, and thought it would be enough to land me the sexy executive suite, but Barry beat me to it. I always thought creativity was something for artists and musicians and stuff, but Barry said that some of my ideas could actually be useful at work.

Two days later Barry lowered himself to my floor and graced us lowly accountants with his presence at my cubicle. You should have seen everyone’s eyes the day he came down, like, what did you do, Gordon? Why is one of the Big Cheese’s down HERE?  As you probably know, Katherine, that was the last time I would ever sit in that cubicle. Over the next several hours, Barry had put me in touch with the Marketing Department who was looking to branch out a creative team for their advertising work as the company expanded. And Barry thought that I was the perfect fit to head that department!

Now my days are AWESOME. I get to go on photo shoots, develop graphics and layouts, and meet hot chicks on the set almost every day.  Now that I’m a Department Head I also get to hang out with Barry on the golf course while we are ‘working’ on the “slow days”.  Models are sweet, but there’s a certain photographer I’ve got my eye on as you probably know. I will let you know how that works out, Katherine. If your last forecast is any inkling though, I will have an announcement to be making to the entire family by Christmas.  All this and love was the last thing on my mind. Now it’s all I can think about! Even with half naked models around me almost every day! There was a time that alone would have been a dream come true, Katherine. Now, it’s just part of my everyday life. Not bad, huh?

Katherine, if you had not shown me the forest through the trees, I know I wouldn’t have been able to write this letter. Thank you for the advice of keeping in touch with Barry, it obviously changed my life. But more importantly, thanks for all of your tips, and even those little tidbits that at first I didn’t understand, or even think they meant anything.  I really can’t thank you enough. And don’t worry, if that announcement is made, I will definitely be sending you an invite. Hey, I bet Barry would love to have you at his table at my wedding!

Thanks Katherine, and all the best to all of you at Astrology Answers. I know I’ll be back for more!



Reader’s Success Story! Katherine at Astrology Answers is Right Again!

Have you ever been frustrated in love? Have you ever felt like there was something about your current romantic experience that you couldn’t quite put your finger on? Maybe you have even wondered the worst about your partnership, only to find out that secret you were missing was an exciting one!  This happens to everyone, even to the relationships that have the best communication. We all have anxieties and fears about our romantic experience, no matter how healthy or wonderful they are. It’s called being human.  But if you are a regular reader of Astrology Answers, then you have an additional advantage over everyone else that is worrying about their relationship. You have access to answers! And sometimes that’s all we need to feel secure in our love lives, even when we aren’t getting the answers from the people that we need to most. Here’s a story from one of our readers that may help you feel more secure in love. And if this story isn’t enough, drop us a line and tell us how we can help!

Dear Katherine,

How are things? I want to say that I hope you are well, and I really mean it! How many people take the time to check in on you? After all you do for everyone else, I hope that the miracles are coming your way too!

Just a quick note to tell you thanks again for your awesome answers. Astrology answers!  Honestly I never thought I would be consulting the stars or Tarot for answers on my love life, but as you pointed out to me, those are often the best ones to consult! I have grown up in a fundamentalist religion. I won’t say which one, but it is a religion that follows God…religiously lol Pun intended! Growing up I was given very little options on what choices I could make in life. Choose God, or find life very difficult. For most of my life that worked too, so not knocking that approach at all. But it was when my marriage started to crumble that I really found God to be farther, and farther away. Until I met you!

Before meeting you, I had been pretty much trained and brainwashed my entire life to believe that astrology and Tarot were the occult, and that they would only lead me to the Devil.  But when my husband, a preacher of one of the largest churches in my state, began to withdraw from me, I knew it wasn’t to get closer to God. Or at least, I felt that was the case.  And let me tell you, I sought answers from the Big Guy for months before I came to you. They didn’t come. Well, it turned out that they did, and they were coming, but let’s just say the answers I needed weren’t as clear as the answers astrology gave me. Thanks to you for that!

One of the ladies in our prayer group said something about angels one day. And she was a little shy about where she got the info from, but we pulled it out of her. It was Astrology Answers! Did you know that you got about 30 new clients that day? Once that gate was opened, our prayer group ended up lasting 3 hours longer than usual! You were all we could talk about!  Anyway, we were talking about angels and stuff, and girl talk always leads to relationships. When I started to hint that things with my husband weren’t so great, things got really quiet fast. All of the girls just kind of clammed up. At first I thought it was just because I was talking about their preacher and they didn’t want to slam him or anything. Turns out, they all knew what had been going on for ages. But I didn’t hear that from them, I heard that from YOU!

You told me he was definitely involved in something else, but that it wasn’t another love. I honestly didn’t believe you at first, but you told me God would put signs in my path to validate what you were saying. At first I was pretty quiet about talking to you to be honest. I mean, what would it look like if the congregation found out the preacher’s wife was consulting an astrologer for answers? Not very good for inspiring faith. But I did. And as you say, you were just one tool in my tool box.

And you were right! The signs started coming.  They were all building signs too which I thought was strange. For Lease signs, contractor signs, all kinds of signs related to my husband’s name that didn’t make sense to me. At first!

Until one day when I was doing some spring cleaning, I was organizing some stuff on his desk for him. Like I have done for years. That’s when I discovered his secret. And to say I was shocked to say the least. He was not cheating on me! He was building a new church in Bali! I have often wondered since then if he left that paperwork on his desk on purpose, knowing I would eventually stumble across it. But with so much going on with my own health, I think he really just forgot to put it away or hide it. And, the only reason the other ladies knew about this before me was because he was working with the Dean’s group, that’s the men’s group by the way, at our church to pull this together. So, while the other husbands were discussing it with their wives, mine wasn’t. It was kind of embarrassing to be honest.

But my good and godly husband was sparing me from the stress of the details because of my ulcer. This is a health problem that has landed me in the hospital more than once, once in critical care, so as soon as I saw that paperwork I knew why he did not mention it to me. And I loved him more for it! I am just so thankful for you Katherine! Without you and your astrology answers, I would still be worrying about this, and this is not good for me! 

I also want you to know that I am happy to continue spreading the word that astrology answers are not answers from the occult at all. They are simply…additional answers that we can use to complement all of the other awesome tools in our spiritual tool box. And it’s such a relief too. I mean, I CAN talk to God every day, and still do of course, but I don’t hear directly from HIM the way I do from you. What, do you have a personal private line to Him or something Katherine?  You must! You are clearly blessed with the gift and one of his disciples, I am convinced. Thanks again for your friendship and inspiration Katherine. May God bless you and keep you all at Astrology Answers!



Reader’s Success Story! How Katherine at Astrology Answers Helped Save a Business!

When it comes to human problems, as different as we all are, many of our problems are the same. We just have different characters in our own unique stories that create the plots and the twists in our lives. At Astrology Answers, the two most common questions we get are either about money, or love. And many of our readers come to us thinking that their problem is so beyond repair, that even answers from astrology won’t help. Those are the readers Katherine likes to help the most, because not only do answers from astrology debunk those myths, but they also provide hope and healing in her reader’s darkest hours. And if there is any little wrinkle in your finances, every hour can seem your darkest until that wrinkle is ironed out. Do you ever feel like that? You may want to talk to Katherine at Astrology Answers to see what kind of guidance she can provide to you to help you smooth out those financial wrinkles. Sound too easy? Here’s one reader’s story about how Astrology Answers changed everything about their very bleak financial situation.

Hey Katherine and AA,

Just dropping a note like I promised to update you on my situation. I honestly never thought I would be writing something like this, but here I am. After I log off with you today I am on the way to the bank to close some very big deals! Thanks to you! I know your readers probably need to hear about some success stories, I’ve seen a lot of sad stories on your pages and what not. I bet many of them still waiting for their enlightened abundance and wondering…when? I just want to say to them, hang on, if Katherine says it’s coming…then it is!

When I first logged on to Astrology Answers, I had just filed for welfare.  Not exactly my proudest moment, but this is what you do when you are out of options. I didn’t have anything to invest with AA at first, but I did enjoy the blogs and the uplifting Twitter posts.  Somehow they always make sense! Keep ‘em coming btw, they are what I start my day with every morning with my coffee!

When I finally got my first welfare check, I bought the transit period guide. I had some major decisions to make with my business and with the non profit organization I had started along side my business. While I was waiting for that welfare check, and the chance to get my transit period guide, I was also waiting for the courts to make some major decisions about my businesses. I had presumed the worst.  Some decisions had been made in my favor already, but this was looking like it was going to take years. You told me it wouldn’t which I found really strange at first!

While that was in progress, I began using the information in my transit period guide and found it oddly accurate.  I know I keep saying it, but it just made sense. Then I got a private consultation with Katherine to get some more specific details, and you told me there was someone around my business that was on the shady side. I don’t think you used that word, do you ever Katherine lol I know you always see the best in people, but you did warn me about some deception. You also said you wouldn’t be able to comment on my legal case which was fine, all of the supplemental information you gave me about steps I could take made ALL the difference in the world.

So I borrowed some money from my parents to hire the third party you suggested to investigate my situation. You said something about paperwork coming my way that would reveal everything not just to me, but for my case as well. You even told me what day that paperwork would arrive! I was on the skeptical side with you until then, even though things were making sense. There was just too much uncertainty beyond my control and I was just so lost financially that I didn’t have the faith that you were right until everything finally came to a close. But I was so grateful for all of the validations that came my way in the meantime, just like you said they would, just WHEN you said they would. I also found it very strange that I never told you I was on social assistance, but somehow you knew! You even knew what date I would sign off on that huge burden!

As you probably know Katherine, that court case did not take years. It is finished, and my business is stronger than it ever was! And it’s still mine which is the most important part! I also got off welfare thanks to you! I was able to keep the non profit too by the way, thanks again for the expert advice on that one. Now, my non profit helps other floundering businesses, and even helps people start their own businesses and get off welfare themselves. I can do that now and offer that amazing service thanks to the success from my court case. And while I know you didn’t really do anything or predict anything about my specific case, the information and hope you gave me while I was going through that literally changed my life. I can’t thank you and all of your friends enough Katherine!

I’m now happy to say that my little business and my tiny unimportant non profit are now two of the biggest in my city. I have investors coming to ME to be a part of it! One of them even wants to take a franchise to New York! These are literally my wildest dreams coming true, Katherine. Thanks again so much, you have no idea how much hope means to those of us that have lost it all millions of times over. Blessings to you my new friend!



Reader’s Success Story! Katherine at Astrology Answers Gets it Right Again!

When you are going through a rough patch, most of the time, the largest source of your stress is in the uncertainty. How many times have you been going through something really awful, and told yourself, “If I just knew the outcome, this all wouldn’t be so bad.” That’s what Astrology Answers is here for! To help you see what outcomes and potentials are available to you from the universe!  We are here to be your beacon in the storm, your outlet for your search for enlightenment, and to be your source of answers for those times in your life when answers are so hard to come by. You will find within minutes of spending time with us that we believe, astrology answers everything! Every question has an answer! The universe is abundant and will always provide, you only need to ask.  Here is one of the many Astrology Answers reviews that comes in every single day. Once again, one of our awesome readers came to us with some questions, and received some spot on answers that changed their life. Find out what predictions Katherine at Astrology Answers gave to our friend Patricia that changed her entire outlook on the universe. Here’s Patty’s story! Continue reading

Reader’s Success Story! Katherine at Astrology Answers Finds Lost Love!

Have you been searching for a lost love, or even wondered if a former love has ever looked for you? Katherine at Astrology Answers has helped thousands of couples all over the world reunite. She is always talking about soul mates and twin flames and lost love on her blogs and on Facebook as well. And there’s nothing she loves more than to hear of another very happy reunion. Do you have a love reunion you would like to share? Or do you become inspired and more hopeful about your own love story when you hear somebody else’s?  Here’s an Astrology Answers review chronicling the love story of one of Katherine’s loyal readers. Continue reading

Reader’s Success Story! Katherine at Astrology Answers is Right Again!

We live in uncertain times, and this uncertainty causes a lot of frustration, stress, loss, and anxiety. And one of the things that Astrology Answers aims to do every day is mitigate those losses, that stress, and that uncertainty. Are you feeling uncertain about ANY area of your life? We often get questions that are big and life changing. But we also often get questions about changes that are needed that just help people get over a little rut or bump in their life. What part of the spectrum of change are you on? Are you looking to get over a bump? Or do you need a major redirect? No matter how big or how small your question might be, you just need to follow the hope and miracle stories of all of our friends at Astrology Answers and you too can find your own miracle story! Here’s one Astrology Answers review that chronicles a minor change that produced epic results. Can’t wait to hear yours! Continue reading

Reader’s Success Story! How Katherine at Astrology Answers Predicted a Windfall!

How many times in your life have you hoped or wished for a windfall? Who hasn’t, right? We all have. And we all have taken steps that will help us get closer to that windfall, even if it is just a pipedream. At Astrology Answers, readers are always looking for their next lucky break. And many of them have found them, thanks to the help from Katherine! Do you go to sleep at night knowing that your destiny of abundance is right around the corner? Do you feel it so close but just aren’t sure how to make it happen in real time? Katherine does! She sees things and knows things about your own personal story that nobody else can! Here’s one Astrology Answers review that tells the story of an amazing windfall that one reader never thought possible. Continue reading

Reader’s Success Story! How Astrology Answers Reunited Twin Flames!

Have you been searching for your soul mate? Or do you already know who your soul mate might be? Or are you dating someone that feels sooooo right and you are curious about what all those signs and little coincidences might mean? Katherine at Astrology Answers believes that all of those signs mean something very important. In fact, she has helped many people meet their soul mate, continue a relationship with their soul mate, and even reunite soul mates that live in two completely different countries! There are some soul mates that Katherine and many expert astrologers refer to as “twin flames”. This is a very unique kind of soul connection, and in this day and age of awareness, more and more people are connecting with their twin flame. Do you ever wonder about your own mysterious connection? Or are you single and wondering how to get closer to yours? Every day, Katherine gets Astrology Answers reviews from people all over the world thanking her for connecting them with their true twin flame. Don’t believe it is possible? Read James story to find out more!

Hi Katherine, James here again.

Just wanted to drop you a note as another one of your awesome Astrology Answers reviews. This one will be the last one for a while, as I am about to part for my honeymoon! Can you believe it? Remember when we first met a year ago, and it all seemed so hopeless? You must have been so frustrated with me and my constant questions!

I will never forget the first time I wrote to you. I was in tears, sobbing even, it took me forever to get that one little message out to you. I thought I had lost Jane forever. Your first emails were helpful, but it wasn’t enough for me and my situation, as you know. My dear friend Jane had just left me, and said some things to make me feel like that would be the last time I ever talked to her. You have no idea, Katherine, how three little words “all the best” can take down a man.  And it’s not even like anything bad happened between us. That was actually the worst part. If she had been unfaithful, or if I had even been tempted, I could take it. I could take it. But what I could not take is someone leaving me, after telling me how much they loved me.

I have to say, that was the kindest breakup letter I ever got. As you know!  Weirdly, that only made me love her more. I could see in her letter how hard she was trying not to hurt me. She said such lovely things. Then she left. She moved all away to the other side of the world, and wished me the best. Hurt like hell.

I didn’t want the best. In fact, life without her was the exact OPPOSITE of the best. SHE was the best for me. I knew it! I knew it without a shadow of a doubt!  I didn’t sleep for weeks after she left. And of course I tried to contact her like crazy. For months, that didn’t matter.

I had no choice but to turn to the world for support. The same cold world that had taken my Jane. And that’s when I found Astrology Answers!  At first it seemed a little too good to be true. You actually made it sound like lost love was a good thing! And you were talking about those coincidences, and signs, and all of that stuff. After Jane left, I thought those would stop. But they didn’t!

Then you told me to stop contacting her. You said that would help. I’m not going to lie, Katherine, I thought you were kind of nuts for that. I mean, really.  How can you get closer to someone by not talking to them?  But this is what one is resorted to when left without answers. So I stopped. I figured, writing her was causing me pain, not writing her was causing me pain. I may as well stop, and try to find the peace within like you suggested.

But I still kept “feeling” her. It was like, out of the blue. I would be cooking dinner and then suddenly FEEL Jane like she was right beside me. That is a really painful feeling. But you told me that meant she was getting closer to me. And that meant that she was probably communicating with me telepathically, like twin flames often do.

I did what you said and started paying attention to those moments. And oddly enough, words would come to my mind! In Jane’s voice! It was always….I will always love you. That sounds like a pretty awesome message, right? Not when the person has walked away and wished you the best.

So I continued to meditate and send the vibes out that universe would reunite us again. I meditated on the work that she needed to do, and on the work that I needed to do. I kept wishing for that phone call or letter, with every day seeming so much more futile than the last. I was about to give up. In fact, I had convinced myself that I had.

Then I heard from her! She said she was sad that I stopped writing, even though she told me to. And she told me even that she missed me. She also said that she applied for a transfer with her company. Because of me!

It did not take long after that letter for our true love story to unfold. Everything that happened before that, was irrelevant. Everything of course except for my help from you. I even told her to contact you to help with her relationship with her mom, but you probably already know that. You should be hearing from Jane soon after our honeymoon!

Thanks again, Katherine! I really can’t thank you enough. Who knew I had a twin flame, and who knew that she loved me just as deeply, even after those terrible 3 words.  I hope our Astrology Answers reviews will help others feeling lost right now stay patient for their twin flame.  Everyone has one! And good luck to all of my new friends as they search for theirs.




Reader’s Success Story! How Katherine at Astrology Answers Predicted Abundance for Sean

One of the biggest sources of frustration for our readers is the uncertainty about the future. That’s why you come to our little home away from home every day, and that’s why we do what we do.  To help ease the frustration and uncertainty about the future. And our readers keep telling us time and time again that the reason you keep coming back is because our predictions are spot on! Katherine at Astrology Answers loves to help her readers erase uncertainty and find healing and answers in their lives. And there’s nothing she loves more than hearing her reader’s success stories that validate all of her amazing predictions. Sean’s Astrology Answers review is just one of the many letters Katherine gets every day. How close are you on your path to abundance? Stay in touch with Katherine, and maybe your story will be featured next! Continue reading

Reader’s Success Story! How Katherine at Astrology Answers Jump Started Amelia’s Career!

It is no secret that we are living in a tough economic climate, the economic downturns of the last few years have hit the entire globe. And while recovery is well on its way for many countries, the individual citizens of the world are still feeling the pinch. Does this sound familiar? Katherine at Astrology Answers can help! There was a time when Katherine said almost all of her emails were related to the pursuit of love and happiness. But, in the last few years, she has seen an almost complete turnaround. Most of the people that are contacting her are trying to find a way to get out of the financial situation the economy has put them in. Sound familiar? How many times have you been looking for a new way to get out of your current situation? Look no more, as Katherine at Astrology Answers has been helping people find that new way out for several years! Every week she gets new emails from people that find the global recession a dark part of their history, and nowhere present at all in their current story. Here’s one story that really touched Katherine, Astrology Answers reviews that you just won’t hear about any other service. Just when you thought there was no way out of your own personal recession, stories like this will pull you back out. Have you thought of talking to Katherine about your own path to abundance? Read Amelia’s story and create your own action plan today!

Hi Katherine!

It’s me again, Amelia! How are you? Don’t worry, this time I am not writing to complain about how things aren’t working again. I am sure you must be tired of hearing complaints. Which is exactly why I am writing to you today!  I thought my Astrology Answers review could help some of your friends!

I just wanted to write you to tell you things are AWESOME. I honestly never thought I would say that, especially about my real estate career. Back when that infamous bubble burst, I thought my life was over. But you know all of that. And how I lost everything!  In just a few weeks, I lost my business, my home, most of my income, and the dude that was my partner in business was also apparently a bona fide partner of crime! His fraud charges are going to keep him, um, tied up for a little while, and thank goodness. If I never see or hear from him again I won’t have any complaints about that.

But what is a girl to do when she loses everything, EVEN the love of her life? Well, that’s precisely when I turned to you. You must get tired of meeting people that are so low in the dumps, I never understood how you handled that. But I guess it makes sense when you see their situations change for the better. I remember reading testimonials on your website for a long time, and wondering if those people were real people. No offense, Katherine, but everybody says that and not often is it true. Until I started meeting those people! On your boards, and blogs, and even your Facebook page. I thought that was weird at first, why would they still come see you if you worked out so well for them? Obviously because of how good you are, and how right you are, like, all the time. Now I get it. I won’t stop coming to you either!

It was your blogs about Jupiter and abundance that really made sense to me. Oh, and the ones about soul connections as well. Here I thought I was with mine, and boy was I wrong. I kind of did know that already, when you see someone in handcuffs the reality check comes quick. But knowing why he wasn’t and who might actually be in store fo me was pretty exciting.  Thanks for clarifying that by the way! But work was way more important to me anyway when my bottom fell out, love was the last thing on my mind, really.  I had no idea that learning where Jupiter was in my chart could make such a huge difference in my work life. More people should know this! As soon as you talked about that I thought, what have I got to lose? Why not start channeling my Jupiter? So I did!

I couldn’t believe how fast the listings started coming in! I even started wearing the colors you told me to the open houses, it was so WEIRD how well everything worked!  I am certainly no skeptic, Katherine, but I thought it was a little ludicrous that putting green on would change my life. The first time I did that, I saw 3 offers come in on one open house. That is kind of unheard of given the shape of the industry today, so in case you don’t know, that’s a lot. And the best part? Every single open house is the same thing. Of course, thanks to you, I wear green to every single one, I even have what I call my “money dress” that I put on for every open house!   And it clearly helps. With my first commission check after the burst bubble days I flew to New York for a girls’ weekend and bought a green dress from Chanel. It’s my money dress, or my Jupiter dress if you want to call it that. Call it whatever you want dear Katherine, I’m not giving that up any time soon!

Thanks for all your help! Can’t wait to write again when that whole soul connecting thing comes through. (I think I’m close, am I right?) Now though I’m off to the bank to make some more fun deposits before booking my next girls weekend getaway. We’re thinking Hawaii this time. And, if it is possible to leave that whole romance thing on the backburner for now, I’m okay with that. Keep me guessing, Katherine! Life is too much fun!

Thanks Katherine!


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