Reader’s Success Stories: Top 5 Astrology Answers Reviews From Capricorn!

Are you a Capricorn? Or do you know one who needs a nudge towards their path of success? Capricorns are the Cardinal Earth Signs and this makes them leaders of the pack when it comes to making money. You probably don’t need to tell your favorite Capricorn how to make money, but they may need some help in feeling truly successful in life. That’s because Capricorn is always trying to do better and be better, even if they are already millionaires. To Capricorn, success isn’t always about dollar signs and so they always feel like there is one more thing they could be doing better…but often have a problem pinpointing what that is. Are you a Capricorn and feel like this is sounding a little TOO familiar? Or do you know one that needs the perfect gift for success this coming birthday? Or just a gift to let you know you support their every endeavor? A Capricorn can never hear that enough. Whether you are one or are thinking about one, check out these Astrology Answers reviews from some of our Capricorn friends, and see for yourself how they found their nudge in the next direction. We have received Astrology Answers reviews from Capricorns that are in every field, from housewives to published authors. Check these Astrology Answers reviews from Capricorn out and see for yourself!
“After reading the guide I feel like I should be more positive about my perception in various facets of my life. I do feel like perceive things in a negative way. So yes, thank you for this reading. I read once that when you want something badly enough the entire universe conspires to give it to you! And now your reading has affirmed it.Thanks again!” ~ Marie P., Capricorn

“I felt inside that it will help to solve something that was stuck inside me for a while. I asked different people for help, seems like the astrology that has been prepared by Katherine is more of a help to me. Thank you” ~ Linda, Capricorn

“I have found the guide easy to read and, I hope, easy to follow. Utilizing the guide, I changed some plans that I had made for today–the statements regarding what would likely be the outcome of those plans rang very true and I could definitely see those “bad things” happening if I pursued the original plan. I will be printing the guide to use and follow regularly.” ~ Susan, Capricorn

“My life-long dream has been to be a published author. I have sold a few poems and one article, but feel I should have done so much more in the span of my lifetime. Now time is running out for me but I can’t let go of the dream. I’m very thankful for good health and the encouragement I found in this guide to follow my dream and not give up. I think this will provide the motivation I have been lacking.” ~ Adonna G., Capricorn

“Eye opening, inspiring and insightful perspective. Under the limited information you have on me, I have to say it is as close as it gets, the personal online reading I can get. Thank you.” ~ Judy Z., Capricorn



Reader’s Success Stories: Top 5 Astrology Answers Reviews From Sagittarius

Are you a Sagittarius? Or do you know someone who is? Did you know that our astrology reports and guides make the perfect gift for Sagittarius? Whether you are treating yourself to one, or buying one for your favorite Sag, Sagittarius is the great adventurer and wanderer of the zodiac, and they love to see what is in store for them in the great beyond. Most Sags always flip to their travel futures when they get one of our guides, because they love to explore the great beyond. We get Astrology Answers reviews from Sagittarius every day to let us know just how much we helped them to bring more of their exciting fire and energy into their lives. Have you been thinking about getting one of our reports or guides for yourself or someone else? Check out these Astrology Answers reviews from Sagittarius and see the excitement for yourself. Maybe your Astrology Answer review will be next! Can’t wait to hear from you!

“I don’t know what to say but I am so happy to have come across the Astrology Answers Guide! My transit period just started a day befor yesterday and I now I feel fufiled. I never told beloved Katherine that I’ll be traveling soon; but she mentioned it with the actual date I’ll be traveling! Am really impressed. Thanks ” ~ Nwakaeze, Sagittarius

“This dark veil that I have been wearing or this dark cloud that has been casting over me for almost my entire life has influenced me to miss wonderful opportunities that could have lead to happiness and success. I came across Katherine’s page by accident, or did I? After reading my Transit Period Guide from this gifted woman, I have an overwhelming feeling inside of me that is about to jump out. This is the time I will get my life back; Katherine’s guidance gave me hope and direction. I couldn’t be anymore ready to look for the signs about to come my way. ” ~ Chelsea, Sagittarius

“It was amazing! I look forward to live my life fully, to a great, prosperous, heavenly, super rich, super successful future that give puts me at peace. I will try my best to better my life with super positive attitude. I feel great and always knew that at this age 30 things gonna be in my favour and i will achieve everything good for me that I always wanted. I always knew I will be with my true soulmate by marrying him who is an angel and i feel i am an angel too and I will have my angle kids i will live my super perfect heaven life. This special guy who I wanna marry I know he is very nice person thats why I call him an angel. I thankful to my real father God who always took care of me even when i lost faith in him. I am super happy that I am re-attached to my father God forever from now on. I thank God! and Thank to you too as you are another angel that God wanted me to bond with. Thanks, Katherine!” ~ Navraj, Sagittarius

“I have only just begun using my Transit Period Guide, but it has been extremely accurate to the situations and circumstances I have found myself in on the first week. Not only external influences but my own inner feelings and expressions towards those events. I did have a birth chart reading over a decade ago and I didn’t take much notice of it at first(it didn’t mean much to me at the time), but many years later I listened to it again and I couldn’t believe how accurate it was in relevance to my current situation. Since then I have always been a strong believer in Astrology. The information you that you have given me has completely exceeded my expectations.” ~ Damien K., Sagittarius

“i will use the Transit period guide to its fullest purpose which is to guide me, my steps and my decisions to take control of my own path. yesi already feel different. i have to say everything correspond to what i really want with doubts made out of my fears which i have to learn how to overcome. true, lots of events are coming into place and i have to make decision. i have to choose which way to go with.” Adale M., Sagittarius

Reader’s Success Stories: Top 5 Astrology Answers Reviews From Scorpio

Do you know a Scorpio or are you one? We all know just how mysterious and intuitive Scorpio can be. That is why reading them or doing their astrology forecasts or guides is so fascinating. There are always so many layers to a Scorpio and discovering them is awesome, whether you are one or know them. If you are a Scorpio, have you been looking for a road map of sorts to help draw you closer to that intuitive pull you have been feeling? Our Astrology Answers reviews from the Scorpios below will give you all of the information you need to discover just where you can find that road map. The same applies if you know a Scorpio and are looking for a great birthday gift for them. These Astrology Answers reviews from Scorpio will enlighten and encourage you on the exciting miracles and blessings that are your potential this year. What will your Astrology Answers review say after you receive your own tailor made road map? We can’t wait to find out!

“My experience I had with the reading was amazing! I feel I am going to soar to higher heights! I just recently became an Ordained Minister, and I feel I am going to be able to give more attention to myself, before that of others, to take care of self, first; in doing so I will be better able to assist in helping others. I plan to refer back each week to my transit guide to remind me of what I need to do to make everything work to my best interest. Yes! I have noticed a difference already, the reading was so right on, so me! I know I will make better decision’s over the next months to come! Thank you, Katherine!” Trevor B., Scorpio

“I was skeptical at first of receiving an astrological reading on line, questioning it’s accuracy and ability to be personal. As I read on and came to the symbols, a tear came to my eye, as though you knew me somehow. As the reading progressed I found it to be quite accurate in many ways. Much of the reading hit home in a deep way. Now it’s up to me, and I understand this more clearly and look forward to this guidance.” Julia G., Scorpio

“I think the transit period guide is very good to help me to achieve success in my life.Thank you! Jose, Scorpio ”
“The guide has given me a time line for an exciting opportunity and a basis for understanding what I can do to prepare myself. This guide has given me valuable insight into my transition period. I have also been given the guidance to help me clear my mind and to find peace with balance.” ~ Ariel, Scorpio

“it was at a particular low point when i joined Katherine, Im a white witch and am always very positive about my life purpose, having Katherine’s reading set me back on the path and has freed me from my our of character negativity.” Lydia, Libra/Scorpio cusp

Reader’s Success Stories: Top 5 Astrology Answers Reviews From Libra

Are you a Libra? Or do you know someone who is? Libra’s are the Cardinal Air Sign in the zodiac and that means they are very clever, and big thinkers. They also just want everybody to get along, and are great partners in both business and in love. They think long term, and they think success in everything they do! So, it can be hard to get Libra the perfect gift. But if you see from the Astrology Answers reviews below, another perspective for their days ahead makes the perfect gift for Libra. Libra is always thinking and planning ahead and welcomes all viewpoints! And if you are a Libra looking for something to splurge on for your pretty self, then you want to see these Astrology Answers reviews as well. There simply is no better gift for Libra, either yourself or your favorite Libra, than a perspective that will give them clarity and harmony that will feed their soul for the days ahead. Check out these Astrology Answers reviews and see for yourself!

“This is my fifth experience with readings. My first was a palm reading, which many years later proved to be quite accurate. Because of that, I always believed readings must be face to face. I must say I am absolutely intrigued by the accuracy of Katherine’s reading for me! She not only addressed my foremost concerns, but she bulls-eyed the thoughts and elements that have inhibited my circumstances and ability to move forward. I am excited to follow Katherine’s instruction, because her validation has given me a new hope for happiness!” ~ Larissa H., Libra

“It gave me a good point of view of my life n what i can do to make it better. not just that but who i really am. and that its ok to do things for me that makes me happy. andi want it all. love money and a career and i now i can get it. just bye listen. cause it was always there but i was to afraid what other people think instead of doing what i feel. soi think you for that Katherine very much.” ~ Nieya T., Libra

“I am in the ending week of my transit period and if it wasnt for the guidence and reassurance that I took from it all, I wouldnt have had the confidence I’ve been desperately seeking to make my life true to myself. I have found an entirely new side of myself, and the spirituality that I brought to surface is no longer terrifing. Its as if I was living with the majority in the dark and all the sudden I earned my night goggles. I feel I owe you my life,although it is only the beginning, it would not have been so without you. I am eternally greatful.” ~ Claudia U., Libra

“I really fell positive full of energy look forward to my live to be changed I ask you for help every day you give me strengh confidence I feel your with me sometimes scary Thank you Katherine” ~ Lindy S., Libra


Reader’s Success Stories: Top 5 Astrology Answers Reviews for Virgo

Are you having an awesome summer Virgo? Or, do you know a Virgo who has a birthday coming up next month and you are still stuck for the perfect gift for your favorite Earth Sign? If you want an extra boost to guide you through the rest of your Virgo summer, or want to give your Virgo a tailor made birthday gift then you will want to try one of our guides. The Astrology Answers reviews that have been pouring in from the Virgo camp have been incredible! Our work is really helping Virgo lead exceptional lives. A lot of people think that Virgo is boring and practical, but Virgo is a true soul searcher, and this is why this Mutable Earth Sign enjoys these guides so much. Every Virgo has a hunch about their soul that is on the tip of their finger. Our products, as you can see from the top 5 Astrology Answers reviews from Virgo this week alone, will help bridge that gap for Virgo and enable them to dig deeper into those answers in their soul. Check out how much Virgo loves Astrology Answers from these inspiring Astrology Answers reviews!


“Katherine’s transit guide explained how me being born under my sign guides me in daily life and interacting with people. Her guidance is helping me understand my dreams and my relationships and how I make my life decisions. I knew there was a deeper meaning in how and why things were happening and Katherine showed it all to me.” ~ Stefani D., Virgo

“Very insightful indeed, and I cannot wait to watch it all unfold. Katherine is truly gifted.” ~ Katherine Z., Virgo

“It is very through. Much more than I expected. And she was so on the mark. I was floored. I felt much better knowing my money was spent wisely. She is the real thing. And I so look forward to hearing all she has to say in the future. I really need her help right now. And feel like I have a friend who gives me the best advise. Thank you so much.” ~ Barbara M., Virgo

“I am so much appreciative for the insights that I am getting through my Transit Period Because it gives me the necessary guidance and enlightenment that I need enable for me to navigate my journey with clarity and understanding of what is going on with myself and the energies and forces which surrounds me that affects my destiny towards achieving higher consciousness and awareness that will ultimately bring me success and true happiness in life which is to give back and share to my fellowman what I have learned and accomplished in the course of my transit period.” ~ Oscar D., Virgo

Reader’s Success Stories: Top 5 Astrology Answers Reviews for Pisces!

Are you a Pisces? Have you had a chance to try any of our products yet? Or maybe you are just doing the Pisces thing, and having one of your “hermit” moments? That’s okay, every Pisces has been there and that’s what we love about you guys. Because when you come out of that cave, you always have something brilliant to offer the world! If you have tried one of our products then you already know how awesome we think Pisces is. And with Mercury and Jupiter moving into another Water Sign this summer, that means Pisces is geared up for some pretty spectacular set of miracles. If you play your cards right! If you are still on the fence, here are some of our favorite Astrology Answers reviews from Pisces friends that are in awe of how awesome our readings are. Have you tried it yet? If not, check these out and get back to us and we’ll be sure to get started right away on your very own tailor made Pisces success guide. Can’t wait to see what your Astrology Answers review has to say!

“It helped me to discover more about things not that only what we see in front of us. But also what can we feel without seeing. When I was reading my transit period guide I felt like she knew me for whole time. Which was amazing.Thankyou !” ~ Ingrida S., Pisces

“First of all I was interested in Katherine’s Guidance because she advertised for free on the Internet. And not only Katherine predict my present fairly accurate, but she also hits me as a person very real and also my past. She seems sincere in wanting to help people, especially the ones who really need it, and she gives more than I pay for. Her website also Works professionally.” ~ Helene T., Pisces

“I enjoyed my transit period Guide because it amazingly specific. Everything is explained as to how the days and weeks ahead are likely to unfold and what is likely to present on each given day. I felt as though my inner most fears, desires, strengths and weaknesses were understood. I felt comforted by what was revealed to me and most importantly I now. My worries about whether I will still have a job tomorrow have gone. I know that no matter what happens I will be okay because that is what I Katherine has revealed to me through my transit period Guise.” ~ Olive B., Pisces

“Because a lot of it is so true because I’ve either been through that challenge/problem or am coping with it right now! I just love how what I gave up on years ago really could be what the future has in store for me so am seriously thinking about going back down that path again! Thanks for your guidance Katherine” ~ Deidre S., Pisces


Reader’s Success Stories: Top 5 Astrology Answers Reviews from Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius!

Are you one of the fiery Fire Signs? That would be Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius? We know how passionate and intuitive you are, and we love the energy that you bring to the table. If there is anyone that teaches us how to ignite passion into our lives, it is you wonderful Fire Signs. We love Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius! We love all signs of course but today we are going to honor the Fire Signs. Have you had a chance to submit your Astrology Answers review yet? Or maybe you are a fire sign that is on the fence, and isn’t quite there yet? The strengths that Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries, brings to the table in love, work, and play are very admirable. Do you know what yours are? Do you know how to take your passion to the next level? Here are some of the most recent Astrology Answers we’ve reviewed from Fire Signs just like you, that have experienced tremendous success using our systems, guides, and products. Maybe yours will be next? Check out these top 5 Astrology Answers reviews as today we honor Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries. Can’t wait to read yours!

“The guide gives me some specific direction to what I need to do in the following days. Much of the details make sense and seem to apply to me. I have started some of the suggestions and I am eagerly awaiting results.”   Kathleen, W. Leo

 “I have only had the guide for less than 36 hours, so to be honest, I have not had the opportunity to greatly benefit from it; however, what I have read thus far appears to be precise and enticing. All that has happened thus far has been spot on with the guide. It comes at a time when I am desperate for answers so I look forward to witnessing the continued accuracy. Thank you Katherine and team.” Janet M. Sagittarius

 “Wow so far have noticed a big change in myself, being a breast cancer survivor now of over 5 years this is the best i have felt in a very long time…..i almost feel like the real me again knowing that there is someone who is genuinely there to help me both mentally, an spiritually an i thank you Katherine an your staff for the support in the short period i have been with you….am so excited right now…. again thank you very much…” Roberta T. Leo

 “I found it fantastic. I am surprised to know how you new so much about me without really knowing me. just great.” Gairoenesia P. Sagittarius

 “Katherine has a true understanding of me and my life at this time. My Transit Period Guide is allowing me to understand why certain events occur on a day to day basis and most of all how to benefit from this knowledge. I have enjoyed most that this is giving me the power and wisdom to take advantage of these events as they happen. From my soul, I thank you Katherine.” Craig R. Leo

 “The report was full of positive reinforcement to my strong points and constructively critical about my weaknesses. (with a positive solution to overcome my insecurities). I see many influences that will allow me to understand certain aspects of myself in a different light. Change is welcomed, misunderstanding from others is frustrating. This is why I don’t always involve myself in many situations anymore. This is a positive move on my part lately.” Jacqueline S. Aries


Astrology Answers Reviews: Top 8 Astrology Answers Reviews for June

Have you gotten your Astrology Answers reading yet? If so, have you submitted your Astrology Answers reviews to let us know how that went? Every day we receive scores of Astrology Answers reviews from people just like you. They start off with a reading, and keep coming back for more! Our Facebook family has grown to over 100k because of the astounding accuracy in our reports, free horoscopes, and more. Maybe your Astrology Answers review will be the next? Here are the top 8 Astrology Answers reviews for the month of June, from some of our biggest Astrology Answers Facebook fans. Can’t wait to hear yours!

“I really like this site, it gives really accurate information….thanks for your posts and pics!!” Stephanie D.

“Peace and blessings to you all. Wanted to take a minute to thank Adrian and his team of experts for all of their help. I ordered my life changing astrology guide and I must say, I am overwhelmed with the amount of information I received. I have been for so long feeling as though my life is not my own, and not in my control. And to be honest, I didn’t see things getting any better. Ever since I started studying my chart I see all the blockages I had were not of my doing and most of all it all can be corrected. A HUGE thank you Adrian.  Looking forward to working with you and your team of experts to get me back on track!!” Savriellah B.

“Right on point!” Amber S.

“Awesome. Keen looking forward to my chart thanks Adrian for the guidance. Anyone wanting a good clear focus contact is genuine and knowledgeable.” Estelle H.

“I really love this site, you guys are bringing out real me. Thank you so much.” Stanley C.

“I must confess this is the best Western astro reading I have ever encountered. And there were many many many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Mary C.

“Absolutely was astounded with the accuracy of Adrian’s reading. I am now a loyal follower.” Lisa R.

“I am loving this page and it is really helping. Thank you so much for sharing this!” Carrie T.


Top Astrology Answers Reviews From This Week’s Facebook Family!

If you have been a part of the Astrology Answers family for a little while now, then you know how much we like to have fun over on Facebook. Forget every astrology site you ever checked out and visit our Facebook page, we guarantee you that like all of our other readers, it won’t be long before you too are addicted to the fun that our team brings to that page every single day. Every day, Astrology Answers reviews from the hundreds of thousands that are on our page come in every day. But that’s not all! We also post fun and interactive readings that will give you clues to your soul’s destiny, daily horoscopes, contests for the star signs, and even have people answering your questions. All for free? What are you waiting for? We want to see your Astrology Answers review next, some come on down to our Facebook page and join the party!

“Very true weekly guidelines thank you and best wishes.” Kalpana V

“Maybe astrology is not for everyone, but, if you follow it, you will learn about yourself. I have enjoyed it for years. In the early years of our Planet the general population knew more about it than our population does now. We can learn a lot if we take our time. Thanks Astrology Answers!” Jack M.

“For some [technological] reason I have not been receiving your posts and I really miss them!! Looking forward to what you have to say each and every day!!”  Patti L.

“This is a great web site, you should check it out too! XOXO” Dave and Diane

“Thank you for something I am now obsessed with. I read my horoscope every day.” Rico C.


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Astrology Answers Reviews About Our Experts Program

Have you had a chance to ask one of our experts your most pressing question? It is currently one of our most popular programs, and our experts are fielding mountains of questions every day from our dear readers. It’s the program we get the most amount of Astrology Answers reviews about, and it’s the program that keeps our readers balanced and always growing in the most positive paths possible.  Why? Because unlike a chart or a transit period guide, our experts get to the nitty gritty details that you need to know today. A chart and a transit period guide are of course important tools in your tool kit. You need those to help you see how you mapped out your destiny for this lifetime. So those are awesome tools that you need, and we receive a tremendous amount of Astrology Answers reviews about those too.  Don’t forget to put those in your tool box! But the Experts program is entirely different. You will absolutely get answers about your destiny and life path there, but you will also get answers to the most specific questions you have. If you want to know if next weekend is a good weekend for you to take that road trip, ask one of our Experts. And, if you want to know if that relationship is going to…elevate itself on that road trip. Ask one of our experts. And nobody will ever know you had some insider tips in mind when you packed that last suitcase. Here’s what some of our clients had to say about their experiences with the Expert program. Maybe your Astrology Answers review will be next!

“The answers were really precise and easy to understand.  I will definitely ask her more questions.  Thank you.” – Ginette U.

“Experts Advice add Value?  More than they’ll ever know, Guidance to SAFE and NATURAL outcomes, relieves valuable STRESS FREE NERVES, OF NOT KNOWING. ”

“Clarity where there was NONE. ONCE BLIND, then eyes are opened. Interpreting unexpected events. I was so in doubt, that the experts advice and answers, helped me move forward in my life’s path.”

“To be honest, these expert are awesome I got things sort out in my path also I kind a awaken and aware of things around me…I love it…from 1 to 10 I would say 11…” – Morgan L.