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Reader’s Success Story! How Katherine at Astrology Answers Predicted Abundance for Sean

One of the biggest sources of frustration for our readers is the uncertainty about the future. That’s why you come to our little home away from home every day, and that’s why we do what we do.  To help ease the frustration and uncertainty about the future. And our readers keep telling us time and time again that the reason you keep coming back is because our predictions are spot on! Katherine at Astrology Answers loves to help her readers erase uncertainty and find healing and answers in their lives. And there’s nothing she loves more than hearing her reader’s success stories that validate all of her amazing predictions. Sean’s Astrology Answers review is just one of the many letters Katherine gets every day. How close are you on your path to abundance? Stay in touch with Katherine, and maybe your story will be featured next! Continue reading

Reader’s Success Story! How Katherine at Astrology Answers Jump Started Amelia’s Career!

It is no secret that we are living in a tough economic climate, the economic downturns of the last few years have hit the entire globe. And while recovery is well on its way for many countries, the individual citizens of the world are still feeling the pinch. Does this sound familiar? Katherine at Astrology Answers can help! There was a time when Katherine said almost all of her emails were related to the pursuit of love and happiness. But, in the last few years, she has seen an almost complete turnaround. Most of the people that are contacting her are trying to find a way to get out of the financial situation the economy has put them in. Sound familiar? How many times have you been looking for a new way to get out of your current situation? Look no more, as Katherine at Astrology Answers has been helping people find that new way out for several years! Every week she gets new emails from people that find the global recession a dark part of their history, and nowhere present at all in their current story. Here’s one story that really touched Katherine, Astrology Answers reviews that you just won’t hear about any other service. Just when you thought there was no way out of your own personal recession, stories like this will pull you back out. Have you thought of talking to Katherine about your own path to abundance? Read Amelia’s story and create your own action plan today!

Hi Katherine!

It’s me again, Amelia! How are you? Don’t worry, this time I am not writing to complain about how things aren’t working again. I am sure you must be tired of hearing complaints. Which is exactly why I am writing to you today!  I thought my Astrology Answers review could help some of your friends!

I just wanted to write you to tell you things are AWESOME. I honestly never thought I would say that, especially about my real estate career. Back when that infamous bubble burst, I thought my life was over. But you know all of that. And how I lost everything!  In just a few weeks, I lost my business, my home, most of my income, and the dude that was my partner in business was also apparently a bona fide partner of crime! His fraud charges are going to keep him, um, tied up for a little while, and thank goodness. If I never see or hear from him again I won’t have any complaints about that.

But what is a girl to do when she loses everything, EVEN the love of her life? Well, that’s precisely when I turned to you. You must get tired of meeting people that are so low in the dumps, I never understood how you handled that. But I guess it makes sense when you see their situations change for the better. I remember reading testimonials on your website for a long time, and wondering if those people were real people. No offense, Katherine, but everybody says that and not often is it true. Until I started meeting those people! On your boards, and blogs, and even your Facebook page. I thought that was weird at first, why would they still come see you if you worked out so well for them? Obviously because of how good you are, and how right you are, like, all the time. Now I get it. I won’t stop coming to you either!

It was your blogs about Jupiter and abundance that really made sense to me. Oh, and the ones about soul connections as well. Here I thought I was with mine, and boy was I wrong. I kind of did know that already, when you see someone in handcuffs the reality check comes quick. But knowing why he wasn’t and who might actually be in store fo me was pretty exciting.  Thanks for clarifying that by the way! But work was way more important to me anyway when my bottom fell out, love was the last thing on my mind, really.  I had no idea that learning where Jupiter was in my chart could make such a huge difference in my work life. More people should know this! As soon as you talked about that I thought, what have I got to lose? Why not start channeling my Jupiter? So I did!

I couldn’t believe how fast the listings started coming in! I even started wearing the colors you told me to the open houses, it was so WEIRD how well everything worked!  I am certainly no skeptic, Katherine, but I thought it was a little ludicrous that putting green on would change my life. The first time I did that, I saw 3 offers come in on one open house. That is kind of unheard of given the shape of the industry today, so in case you don’t know, that’s a lot. And the best part? Every single open house is the same thing. Of course, thanks to you, I wear green to every single one, I even have what I call my “money dress” that I put on for every open house!   And it clearly helps. With my first commission check after the burst bubble days I flew to New York for a girls’ weekend and bought a green dress from Chanel. It’s my money dress, or my Jupiter dress if you want to call it that. Call it whatever you want dear Katherine, I’m not giving that up any time soon!

Thanks for all your help! Can’t wait to write again when that whole soul connecting thing comes through. (I think I’m close, am I right?) Now though I’m off to the bank to make some more fun deposits before booking my next girls weekend getaway. We’re thinking Hawaii this time. And, if it is possible to leave that whole romance thing on the backburner for now, I’m okay with that. Keep me guessing, Katherine! Life is too much fun!

Thanks Katherine!


Have you been living a life where abundance seems impossible? Have you been dealing with financial problems that seem bigger than anything you will ever be capable of in this lifetime? Katherine at Astrology Answers wants to hear all about them, because she has turned around more financial outlooks than some of the world’s leading financial advisors! What are the answers that are out of your reach that will turn this gig around for you? Contact Katherine today and tell her all about it.  Soon YOU too will be sharing your very OWN tale of abundance!

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Reader’s Success Story! How Katherine at Astrology Answers Turned Skeptical Jim’s Life Around

There’s nothing we love more than hearing success stories from our readers. It’s the first thing Katherine does every day, is check in to see who has reported an epic moment in their lives. That’s why she does it! Do you have a success story you want to share? Or maybe you need some inspiration from someone elses? We see a lot of broken hearts on our pages, and so when we see one that is healed and has found love again, we love to celebrate! Katherine and all of us at Astrology Answers truly believe that your soul mate is closer than you think, even if you think that ship sailed years ago. Don’t believe us? Katherine recently received a letter from one of her biggest skeptics that may help give you some shelter in your storm and inspire you with the comfort that love is always an attainable goal, no matter what your past tries to tell you to convince otherwise. Here’s Jim’s story. Continue reading